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Fantasycon XXIII -London, England 21st September 2002

Guest of Honour: Graham Joyce

A few of this year's Con guests and attendees, ably snapped by David Howe and Sandy Auden... oh, so witty captions supplied by your friendly, neighbourhood webmeister, Ariel.

Guest of Honour Graham Joyce takes it all in his stride.

Stephen Jones, Peter Crowther. Anne Gay and Tim Lebbon do the panel thing.

Sandy Auden, Mark Chadbourn and Gary Greenwood stop drinking for a moment to have their photos taken... you can see the strain on their faces.

James Barclay turns up in a suit and hangs around with some fans / alcoholics / random passers-by (delete as applicable).

One quick phone booth later and he's changed into something a little more confortable for the Saturday evening...

That's Gav Williams on the right, but who are those two? They don't look like your typical British Fantasy types...

...i.e. Paul Finch and writing duo Maynard & Sims...

...perhaps Tim Lebbon (on the right... d'uh!) can clear up the mystery?

Tim realises what Mrs Lebbon is probably going to say when she sees the previous photo.

Away from the fuss and hassle, Graham Joyce tries to work out what Anne Gay is laughing at...

Whatever it is, Juliet McKenna is obviously in on the joke...

Meanwhile, back at the bar... we find Nicholas Royle and Peter Crowther debating the merits of the 4-4-2 versus the 5-3-2 wingback formation... or possibly not...

Messrs. Bezzine, Covington and Worley seem to have reached that stage of the evening.

And Paul Finch is feeling a little off-colour...

Juliet McKenna, Simon Clarke, Mark Morris and Stephen Gallagher debate the meaning of life.

And there's always one (in this case Michael Marshall Smith) who just can't resist working on a party night.

And finally, let this be an abject lesson on the dangers of alcohol abuse, kiddies... you too could end up like Conrad Williams, Nicholas Royle or Mark Morris. Now that's what I call horror...

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