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Top Holidays Of 2015

Off for a good time

Our lives are often busy and full of routine. We get up every day and go run our errands, work and/or do stuff for hours, take the same bus or train or road once and again, and we get consistenly tired of our duties. They are important things to do, but of course, every once in a while we need some rest. And for "some rest" we don't mean just sleeping all morning, or staying at your home twiddling your thumbs. A real break from your daily life means to hop on a plane and go somewhere distant, see new places and engage in fun activities for as long as you need.

Vacations are a great time to enjoy with people you like, friends, family, your significant other and even on your own. The world is full of great places that you can visit, that you could like, where you could have lots of fun or find relax. It is all a matter of taste: are you a beach person? A mountain person? The adventure type? The sightseeing type? The food tasting type? It's always great to follow your fondness and have a bit of what you enjoy the most here and there, and it is also great to try something new every once in a while, you might find out about other great things to do! Read More...

Airport transfers form Reading to London

The perks of flying

We fly around the world for many reasons, but no matter why we travel and what we want to do, there are things that every air passenger will go through. Not even the most expensive plane tickets will save us from some of the complications and inconvenient situations we have to face when we take on a flight, even if the distance isn't really that far. Airports are giant, complex buildings with very specific land and operational requirements, so their design and location might be at the expense of thousands and thousands of passengers that need to waltz their way in and out the facilities. Many travelers will tell you that airport transfers are the thoughest part of the process.

For security reasons, many airports, especially big ones, are far away from cities and other important settlements, so getting to and from the airport can be complicated, or at least a very long trip. This is enough inconvenience on its own, but now also consider that as a passenger you will be travelling with one or more suitcases, that aren't easy to carry around, and also you will have plenty of things going on in your head, like schedules and calls and plans and where did you put your plane tickets and how to calm down the baby. On top of all that, especially if you have already flown and you just want to get out of the airport, you are tired and probably experience some level of jetlag. In this situation, a difficult transfer with waits and high fees isn't what you need, at all. You would definitively appreciate an easy and affordable solution that adapts to you and is convenient for your needs. Something direct, personalized and easy to get. Read More...

Jodie Ward
Aaronson Furniture

" Fantasy Connections gave me the best travel experience ever. I must admit that I was initially sceptical but they were remarkable and made my journey absolutely seamless. I will always opt fo their services whenever I plan to go on a vaction. "

Sarah Chambers

" Fanatasy Connections helped me plan a surprise trip for me and wife on our first anniversary. I can still feel her tears of joy! Thank you so much for making our anniversary so special and cherishable forever. "
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