How To Make Travel A Way Of Life


All the aspects of life, perspective, and intricacies of thought that travel changes can’t be undone upon returning to the place you’ve last called “home”…or always called “home”…or were loath to call “home” in the first place. You might even try to slip back into the very station in life you left before your journey; but your new mindset is still there, zapping between synapses and coloring everything with a new hue. As a tourist, a trip leaves you with nothing but folded pamphlets, memories of tours and long waits, silly souvenirs, and photos that hold no meaning for anyone but yourself…and sometimes not even then. But once you open your mind to the world around you – the real, pulsing, changing-every-nanosecond world – it can’t be closed again. It feels like your entire being has been assimilated into the culture of the global community and universal, collective mind. All of your senses are heightened, your intuitive ability is enhanced, and you may have even been granted the knowledge of your individual place in the world.

With my initial assumptions confirmed, congruent with my wildest hopes, I now see that my journey not only continues wherever I may be and in any moment I take a breath; it’s only beginning. With this perspective, I know what I want to share with other travelers, from those fresh on their paths and looking for direction and support to those in the midst of learning to adapt to life-in-the-moment or, like me, know what it’s like to feel like a stranger once back on the soil they sprouted from.

With that inspiring realization, I knew it was time for my site to evolve from a focus on my individual experiences and direction to one that incorporates my own journey into all that the traveling life has to offer and how we can all thrive on the essence of it.

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