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Our lives are often busy and full of routine. We get up every day and go run our errands, work…

By Gina E. Grant , in Top Holidays , at November 16, 2019

Our lives are often busy and full of routine. We get up every day and go run our errands, work and/or do stuff for hours, take the same bus or train or road once and again, and we get consistenly tired of our duties. They are important things to do, but of course, every once in a while we need some rest. And for “some rest” we don’t mean just sleeping all morning, or staying at your home twiddling your thumbs. A real break from your daily life means to hop on a plane and go somewhere distant, see new places and engage in fun activities for as long as you need.

Vacations are a great time to enjoy with people you like, friends, family, your significant other and even on your own. The world is full of great places that you can visit, that you could like, where you could have lots of fun or find relax. It is all a matter of taste: are you a beach person? A mountain person? The adventure type? The sightseeing type? The food tasting type? It’s always great to follow your fondness and have a bit of what you enjoy the most here and there, and it is also great to try something new every once in a while, you might find out about other great things to do! There are some destinations in this world that are just so amazing, so likeable, so enjoyable that pretty much anyone can have a good time there. They have become holiday classics, and everyone should at least consider to give them a try once in their lives. After all, there might be good reason why they have become holiday classics. Right?

Vacations in the Caribbean

This is definitely one of the very classic destinations for holidays. The Caribbean is somehow a synonimous of vacations. There are tons of things to do in these paradisiac places, which will suit anyone’s preferences. You can go for an adventure by scuba diving among coral reefs and colourful fishes in the crystal clear water. You can venture in the jungle. You can climb riffs and see the ocean from the top. You can swim and surf among the waves. The Caribbean is also a great place to relax. The landscape is soothing and bright, temperature is just perfect for sunbathing and going for walks by the sea, and you can lie down to read a book or simply enjoy the ocean breeze. If you are more like the party-goer, resorts and pubs by the seashore offer music, shows, drinks and dance for everyone. The Caribbean is definitely a place to check out next time you plan your vacations. If you want to see some of the best places you can go, click here to see the Independent’s top picks. However, let us show you our own top list of Caribbean destinations and activity ideas for you to have a great time on your next family holidays, romantic escapades or crazy vacations with your friends.

Top holiday ideas

Caribbean cruises with free drinks

You don’t need to spend your whole vacations on a single island when you can go on a cruise instead. See the Caribbean, enjoy and have fun with the shows, parties and activities. There are cruises for every kind of people: with kids, without kids; party lovers, relax lovers; couples, families, stags, artists, single people… The list goes on and on. One great idea if you’re going on a cruise with your significant other or your mates is to sign up for a cruise that offers free drinks. For a fee you can taste all the beverages you want and experience how top brands and exotic drinks feel like. Sea Your History is a great cruise company that offers this kind of vacation.

Potcake Place

Caribbean vacations with puppies. Enough said.

Potcake Place at Turks & Caicos is a great option for anyone, of any age, who wants to enjoy a cuteness overdose while visiting one of the most paradisiac islands in the world. Potcake Place is an animal shelter that rescues stray dogs, helps them and finds foster homes for them. You can spend your holidays here, and play with puppies all day, or take them with you to the beach, to help them socialize and learn how to share love.

Eco-tourism at Tobago island

If you love nature and exploring exotic destinations, Tobago island is perfect for you. It houses many rare species of birds and other animals as well as a very unique ancient Caribbean forest. In addition to the usual Caribbean stuff, you can enjoy eco-tourism in Tobago with guided tours, learning about this very special environment, getting in close touch with nature and seeing animals and plants you won’t see in any other place in the world.